The concept behind this logo touches on the primary objective of Emmaus, ‘transformation’.

The ‘Butterfly Analogy’ is applied here to highlight this objective. The ‘butterfly’ is illustrated by four principal colours, to signify the journey of transformation; four stages of metamorphosis, four partners and the four philosophies,’Seek, Inspire, Restore and Shine’.

Our journey began on 7th March 2014.

Emmaus Consultants was founded as an education and media services business that partners organisations and enterprises to reach out to students, parents and families.

Emmaus is the brainchild of Ms Wong Lee Jeng (Wang Lizhen 汪丽贞), an award-winning broadcaster and prolific writer-poet in Singapore. With almost two decades of experience working in the local media and advertising scene, Lee Jeng was a much sought-after media personality, and had collected numerous awards from MediaCorp and SPH for her tireless efforts in producing and presenting quality news and current affairs radio programs.

However, Lee Jeng had a burning desire to touch lives in a more meaningful and personal way. And thus, Emmaus came into being.


To be a trusted partner to our stakeholders, making every encounter a blessed journey.


• To create positive opportunities for children and adults to learn language and communication skills in a creative manner

• To serve as media and publicity partner for companies

• To help families build a healthy family-personal-work relationship


• Compassion

• Creativity

• Competence