There is no shortcut to protecting kids from bullying. Sometimes we cannot get the school or the bullies’ parents to do what is right. But there are things we can do.

If the bullying is happening via social media, take your child off social media. This is tough but necessary. Kids can be a slave to their electronic devices.  Secondly, install a monitoring device of your child’s computer or cell phone.

Most importantly, get your child with new friends.

You may also speak with the teacher. Although it may not help, it is critical to make the officials aware of the problem.

It is not fair or right to tell our kids to “just make it work”. Some kids can do that and grow through the experience. But some cannot, at least not without major hurts and disappointments. Bullying wounds deeply and leaves scars that last for years.

Teach your children to not to be a victim and to stand tall and proud no matter what other people say. If there is a physical problem seek professional help.

Help your child develop the courage to face the bullies head-on. Work with them to figure out a healthy solution to an unhealthy environment.

It is hard to change a child’s opinion of him or herself. This is where the whole family has to get involved in helping the child to see the light. We cannot let those unkind words curses stand in our children’s minds or hearts. We cannot allow them to define themselves by negative works from others.

Spend one-to-one time with the kids can help. Spend quality time together. Deep talks and true emotions come to the surface…and that can be the beginning of true healing.

Finally, do be sure your kids are in a school that has a “zero tolerance” policy for bullying. If your school hasn’t done so they need to. You can be the catalyst for positive change on that front. It will benefit your kids and many others.

Most importantly, be sure to be there for your child when things like bullying happen. Help him/her to know that you are there to protect and defend them. Make sure they know that in our eyes, they are a winner. The family is the best shock absorber to have for the potholes of life.

Courtesy by The Honourable Gregory W.  Slayton, Founder of Family First Asia.


Source: pixabay