Technology Addition

Technology addition

Smart Phone and Tablets have been used for pacifying or entertaining children. Parents found it an effective way to quiet down an impatient child in food court or restaurant. But according to Richard Graham, London-based Consultant Adolescent Psychiatrist and clinical Psychologist Jay Watts, technology addiction can affect a child’s behavior and sleeping patterns. *

When a child becomes distressed when technology is removed, lack of interest in others activities, mood swing or augmentative behavior, hiding phone and use in bed, these signs shows an unhealthy dependence.

Here are tips for parents or guidance to help turning thing around

  • Plan activities at home and invite neighbour’s kids for join. Addiction is hard to break but it is harder if they have nothing to do.
  • Cultivate interest. Spend time with your children by reading books, playing ball games etc. Sign up for games or join clubs in Community Club.
  • Be a role model. Do not entertain any incoming message while dining or talking with your children.
  • Set boundaries. Set time limit for using of electronic device. Switch off the smart phone or turn into silent mode. No gambling. No pornography.
  • Have conversation with your child. Talk about problem with excessive use. Find out if he is facing difficulty in school causing him/her the desire to escape from realities.
  • Get professional help if necessary. Call the Family Service Centre if the addition becomes problematic.


Source: pixabay